Silver Eibach 250 Pound 12" Tall Spring For 3" Diameter King, Sway-A-Way Or Fox Coil Over Shocks

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SKU: RGWA-ERS1200375250

If you're going to use this as an upper spring on a dual rate coil-over shock such as King, Fox, or Sway-A-Way, it's important to set the position of your crossover ring so the spring divider hits the cross over ring BEFORE the upper spring crushes itself (coil bind). See diagram below.

Eibach Part Number:
Length: 12 Inches / 305mm
Inside Diameter: 3.75 Inches / 95mm
Spring Rate: 250 lbs/inch - 4.46 kg/mm - 44 N/mm
Full Compressed Height: 3.56 Inches / 90mm
Travel: 8.44 Inches / 214mm
Load At Full Compression: 2111lbs / 9390N
Weight: 4.94lbs / 2.24kgs

Eibach Spring Dimensions Example

How to setup dual rate springs on Fox shock crossover ring position