Fox Performance Series Short Needle Valve For Refilling Nitrogen In Shocks That Have A Reservoir

Racegear WA

$144.72 $151.95

If you're refilling nitrogen pressure into a Fox Performance Series shock that has a remote reservoir, then you'll need this tool. Non reservoir Performance Series Fox Shocks are filled through the top of the shock straight through where the uniball or bushing is at and require the LONG needle tool. If you have a stem top shock then you would still purchase the short needle valve tool.

This needle valve is threaded 1/8NPT thread to connect your hose or fill gauge to.

Unlike using a Schrader valve which requires a threaded T handle to fill a shock, this setup uses a Fox air valve, which only requires the user to simply press the needle in the air valve and hold it in place in order to fill a shock. Similar to filling a basketball or football. 802-01-000-kit motionpro motion-pro motion802-01-000-kit motionpro motion-pro motion pro