P2 Pulse Battery 240 CCA

Racegear WA

$752.80 $790.44

Full Spectrum Power Pulse series batteries. This Nanophosphate battery uses the latest in lithium technology to produce compact and lightweight batteries. It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including 1000cc inline 4-cylinder sportbikes, and V-Twin sportbikes up to 1098cc.

Weighing just 720 grams (1.7lbs) the Pulse P2 will save an average of 7 lbs from a stock battery, while providing nearly twice the cranking capability. It offers integrated brass terminals making it a direct replacement for your stock battery with no modification or special wiring harness.

Cold Cranking Amps - 240
Dimensions - 11.7cm _ 6.4cm _ 9.6 cm