K4 221 Series Sealed Progressive Ignition Switch - Tab Off/On1/On2 Momentary w/ Tab Terminals

Racegear WA

$51.16 $53.72

These sealed K4 switches feature a progressive double pole switch with two 'ON' circuits. This allows you to run two circuits through one switch and be able to turn one or both on at the same time. The 221 series features a momentary ON2 which makes it ideal for a starter switch with ON1 being ignition and ON2 the starter.These switches are tripled sealed and are available with either tab or screw on terminals. Rated at 12 Volt  and 20 amps.


´ Flexible acrlic coating
´ T5 Vapor Seal
´ Lever Boot  Seal
´ Has lever o'ring seal
´ Silver contacts
´ .687" lever length
´ .500" mounting hole
´ .250"  Tab Terminals or 6-32  Screw Terminals