NEO Synthetic Racing Oils Full Synthetic 75W90HD Transmission Gear Oil 1 Gallon Bottle

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NEO Synthetic Racing Oils Full Synthetic 75W90HD Transmission Gear Oil 1 Gallon Bottle
100% Synthetic base heavy duty gear oil
  • Reduces friction
  • Runs cooler
  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Superior film strength
  • Extends gear life
  • Eases cold temperature shifting
  • Extended service life
Viscosity Index: 165
  Kinematic @ 212°F 17.5cSt
Flash Point 405°F
Pour Point -50°F

NEO synthetic Gear Oils are designed to take 40% more load carrying capabilities than its competitors. NEO Gear Oils are compounded with the most recently developed additive system to provide the ultimate in gear protection, from an E>P> wear, corrosive wear, and shock load wear standpoint. A friction modifier is also employed to reduce sliding friction resulting in lower energy requirements, thus less drag, lower fuel consumption, and more horsepower.

The single molecular structure of the NEO synthetic provides better and more consistent lubricating properties than petroleum. This reduces friction, which reduces gear wear. Reduced friction also means fuel mileage can be expected to increase. NEO synthetic is designed to withstand higher temperature, and will allow gear shifting at a much lower temperature than petroleum lubricants. In addition, it has inherently higher film strength than petroleum lubricants, thereby providing added protection to the bearings & gears.
  • Reduced Friction: NEO synthetic gear oil has an extremely low coefficient of friction, which means cooler running gear boxes. The reduced friction and cooler running combine to extend gear box life, and also the life of the lubricant.
  • High Load Capacity: The high film shear strength allows the gear lube to perform far beyond the capabilities of petroleum products in hypoid differentials and other gear boxes. An anti-foaming additive assures that the film strength will not be compromised.
  • Easier Cold Weather Shifting: The lower pour point temperature of the synthetic means better operation at lower temperatures, and better protection for gears & bearings upon initial startup at the lower temperature.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The synthetic base stock does not break down into unwanted components and form corrosive compounds under the stress of high heat. The additive package works synergistically with the synthetic base to provide further corrosion protection.
  • Seal Compatibility: The NEO synthetic base stock increases seal life. It will not cause excessive seal swelling, nor will it cause seals to shrink or harden.
NEO Gear Oil exceeds the requirements of auto specs GL-2 thru GL-5 and military specification MIL-L-2105E. It is ideally suited for autos and trucks requiring this viscosity grade to these specifications.

NEO meets the requirements for GL-4 grade even where manufacturers discourage the use of a GL-5 product. It is recommended for front wheel drive transaxle use where GL-4 performance is specified.

Common vehicle drive train components needing the NEO Gear Oils are manual transmissions, drive axles, differentials (including limited slip differentials), transaxles, auxiliary transmissions, transfer cases, overdrives & final drives.

Industrial equipment applications for NEO Gear Oils include gear boxes for conveyors & similar assembly line drives.

Gear boxes using this type of lubricant typically do not need any break-in period on petroleum lubricants. The NEO Gear Oil can be used as a direct replacement at anytime.

NEO Gear Oil will mix with petroleum products; it is not necessary to flush the gear box first. However, mixing a large amount of petroleum with NEO synthetic will reduce the qualities of the NEO and will shorten the service life. This is not recommended. Using aftermarket additives is not necessary and may produce unpredictable results. Use of aftermarket additives voids the NEO warranty.