Neo Synthetics CC1 High Performance CV Grease 12.5 oz Jar

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NEO Synthetic's CC1 is designed for NASCAR, F1, and rally racing applications.

NEO HPCC#1 Grease is specialty grease for linear and oscillating mechanisms and couplings, such as constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and sealed bearings. It will take heavy shock loads, frequent axial movements, large speed variations, and frequent reversing.


  • Grease Synthetic High Performance Calcium Complex HPCC 1
  • Sold as a Jar

HPCC 1/s designed use is for severe sliding, skidding and rolling contact such as extremely heavily loaded ways and guides: slow, large diameter ball and roller bearings, journals, linear and oscillating mechanisms; and Constant Velocity, Articulated, Knuckle and Universal Joints subject to the harshest shock loading, angularity, radial forces and high torque transmission to driving components.

Selected applications are found on demanding Military Mobile Equipment, All-Terrain Vehicles, Armored Troop Carriers and Commercial Off-Road Construction equipment. HPCC Number 1 can be used on sensitive metallurgy including copper, silver, tin, aluminum and their alloys.

Exceptionally resistant to water wash conditions including emulsions. HPCC Number 1 is specially formulated to slightly skin dry when in contact with air to provide self-sealing protection when seals are deteriorated. Special compounding and lubricating solids provide superior anti-seize characteristics and exceptional acid and corrosion resistance.

Special Applications:
Anti-seize to 1200 degree F. Assembly and Spline Lubricant, Cam Lubricant, Jack Screws and Fasteners, Logging Hammers, Knuckle Joints, Outboard Bearings, and Launch Grease; Pump and Valve lubrication in moderately hot, corrosive, wet environments.

NEO High Performance Calcium Complex (HPCC) Number 1 Grease is classified as N.L.G.I Grade 1 1/2 and will Grade 2. Color is Moly Gray.
Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Specification Value Test Methods:

  • Base Oil ISO Viscosity 500
  • Viscosity Increase at 100 degree F 10.5 percent 72 hours
  • At 210 degree F 6.7 percent 72 hours
  • Unworked penetration at 77 degree F 330
  • Worked Penetration at 77 degree F 300 60 strokes
  • 260 60,000 strokes
  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load None Shell: 800 Kg Load Wear Index 160 4-Ball Wear Scar 1.72 mm 800Kg. 10 seconds
  • Endurance Wear Scar 1.45 mm Shell; 500 Kg at 900 rpm, 5 minutes
  • Evaporation Loss at 300 degree F 1.4 percent 300 hours
  • At 400 degree F 2.1 percent 72 hours
  • Oil Separation 5.0 percent Cone Method; 30 hours at 350 degree F
  • FTM Standard 791-6, 321.2
  • Oxidation Stability lesser than 4.0 percent D942 Pressure Drop, 400 hours
  • Dropping Point 600. degree F
  • Pour Point -18. degree F
  • Flash Point 600. degree F
  • Fire Point 650. degree F
  • Density at 60 degree F 9.11 pounds/gallon