Maxima Electrical Contact Cleaner 13 oz. Aerosol

Racegear WA

$30.08 $31.59

Contains no CFCÍs!

Maxima Electrical Contact Cleaner is a blend of special cleaning agents that quickly removes grease, oil and other contaminants. Electrical Contact Cleaner has many uses in the care and maintenance of motorcycles, personal watercraft, automobiles and much more. Electrical Contact CleanerÍs extra heavy propellant charge provides maximum spray pressure for those hard to reach areas. ItÍs heavy duty shop formula is citrus scented, quick drying and safe for most plastics. Electrical Contact Cleaner is ideal for use on engine parts, throttle bodies, ignitions, relays, plugs and much more.


-Quickly removes oil & grease
-Removes soft carbon deposits
-Safely cleans many parts & components
-Displaces moisture
-Leaves no residue