Fox 2" Shock #80 Compression Shim Stack Set For 5/8" Or 7/8" Shaft Shocks Or 1-1/4" Shaft Air Shocks

Racegear WA

SKU: RGWA-FOX80307080A

On the bottom cap, where the shaft enters the shock, Fox will usually stamp what valving they put inside the shock. For example 50/70 which is #50 compression and #70 rebound. Any time you revalve your shock, it's a good idea to replace the stover nut.

You can download any of the Fox shim stack charts below for reference. The lower the number is, the faster the shock reacts. The higher the number is, the slower the shock reacts. For example a #30 compression stack would compress MUCH faster than a #90 compression stack.

We also sell the shims individually because depending on how much of the valving you're changing, you might only need 1 or 2 shims, not an entire stack. For example going from a #45 stack to a #50 stack, only 1 shim changes.

Fox shocks rebound and compression shim stack exploded view