Tilton Intermittent Cooler Pump Viton Pump

Racegear WA

$797.97 $837.87

Tilton cooler pumps are ideal for pumping oil through transmission and differential coolers. They can also be used for many other applications, such as emptying fuel tanks or circulating coolant. Cooler pumps feature an internal bypass valve and are self-priming up to eight feet above the source from which it draws. Tilton cooler pumps are a positive displacement type of pump, so its output is directly proportional to the motor speed. For example, if a lighter load increases the motor speed by 25%, then the flow rate increases by 25% as well.


The Buna cooler pump is designed for use with standard oils and coolants, while the Viton model is designed for use with corrosive fluids such as alcohol. The intermittent duty pump is designed for applications where the pump does not need to be used continuously, such as being turned on/off by the driver or a relay at established temperatures. The intermittent duty pumps can be ran for 1 to 2 hours with a 15 minute cool down.