Tilton 7.25" 1-Plate Cerametallic OT-II Clutch 280 lbs. Torque Capacity, High Ratio

Racegear WA

$1,505.64 $1,580.92

TiltonÍs 7.25_ 1-plate cerametallic OT-II clutch is primarily designed for racing applications where some clutch modulation is desired. OT-Series cerametallic clutches feature 4-paddle discs that utilize a unique blend of ceramic and metallic materials. Cerametallic discs are thicker than sintered metallic discs. They provide higher heat capacity through their increased mass. In addition, the engagement characteristics of cerametallic clutches are smoother than sintered metallic clutches. These features have made cerametallic clutches popular in applications such as rally, hill climb, club racing and street/strip applications.


Clutches are for use with ñstep-typeî flywheels that have a .100_ step for the friction surface.
Clutches are also available for ñpot-typeî flywheels. Contact Tilton for further information.