Small Tie Rod To Heim Joint Adapter 7.5 Degree For HRSMX10T 5/8" Hole Built In Misalignment Heim

Racegear WA

$103.12 $108.28

Our heim joint adapters also called extension pins allow you to put a nice heavy duty heim joint where a tie rod end used to be. This is great for the strength as well as the angle because a heim can achieve a higher degree of angle than a tie rod end or drag link. This particular adapter fits Wright, EMPI, Latest Rage, Saco, Pro-Am, or Howe rack and pinions that have the International truck taper. It also fits some models of Ford Bronco and Ranger. To confirm the angle and size of your current tie rod end, use the formula for slope (sometimes referred to as "rise over run") where you take the length of the taper "y" and divide it by the top diameter "x1" subtracted from the bottom diameter "x2". See below:

For use with FK Bearing's HRSMX10T or HRSMXL10T allows up to 19 degrees max angle

Top Length: 1-7/8"
Top Thread: 5/8-18
Top Diameter: 5/8"
Bottom thread: 9/16-18
Bottom Taper: 7.5 Degree
x1 Diameter: 0.720"
x2 Diameter: 0.600"
y Length: 0.900"

Tie rod to heim joint adapter dimensions