R2C Off Road Series Tapered Conical Air Filters 3" Flange, 6-3/4" Tall

Racegear WA


R2C Off Road Series Tapered Conical Air Filters for sand trucks, buggy's and off-road vehicles provide unmatched engine protection and eliminate the issue of reduced performance caused by filters plugging and reducing air flow. No need for expensive, power-robbing aluminum filter canisters to keep your engine clean!

Designed for the most demanding loading conditions such as silt, R2C's advanced performance filter media is designed to eliminate the dirt in the throttle bores while providing maximum power and simple maintenance.  Just blow the accumulated particulate off from inside-out with compressed air and the filters are ready to go over and over again.  Never any need for oiling.

Decades of sophisticated, severe duty military filtration design separates R2C from all the competition!