Porsche 930 External Spirolox Retaining Ring For 28 Spline CV Joint Axles 1-1/8" Inside Diameter

Racegear WA

$9.03 $9.48

Spirolox Retaining Ring compared to a stamped snap ring
  • No Gap - 360 degree retaining surface
  • No protruding ears to interfere with mating components (uniform cross-section)
  • Easy to assemble and remove
  • No gap or lugs provide for a functional and aesthetically pleasing ring
Spirolox Retaining Rings, also known as spiral retaining rings, clips, spiral loc, or spiral locks. Spirals have no ears to interfere with mating components in your assembly. Spirals are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire. They are interchangeable with ordinary snap ring (Circlip) grooves.

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