Method Class 10 Beadlock Race Wheels - Machined 15"x5.5", 2-3/4" Backspace

Racegear WA

$864.10 $907.30
SKU: RGWA-MRW10155519315B

The Method Class 10 beadlock wheel is the premier race-ready off road buggy wheel. Also known as the ïWide-FiveÍ, the Buggy Beadlock wheel is a 15î diameter wheel with a 5x205mm bolt pattern. The beadlock ring is forged from 6061 aluminum and utilizes grade 8 zinc plated mounting bolts. Both the ring and the wheel are available in a raw machined finish.

The 15" x 5.5" size wheel was specifically designed to be used for Class 10 desert buggies running BFGoodrich's 35_10.5_15 Baja T/A KR2 tires. These tires were designed, engineered, and made in America for the Class 10 Buggies popular in SCORE and BITD desert racing. These tires are extensively tested, including with leading chassis manufacturer Alumi Craft, which allows the 35_10.5_15 Baja KR2_s performance to be tailored to the needs of Class 10 race vehicles.  All BFGoodrich KR2 models are non-DOT competition tires not legal for highway use.

For more information on the BFGoodrich tires, visit BFGoodrich's website.