MasterCraft ProSeat Series Seats ProSeat w/ Removable Cushion, Grey Tweed

Racegear WA

$1,673.10 $1,756.76

The ProSeat is the professional racers seat of choice. Developed for extreme off-road conditions, this suspension seat has the right combination of quality and comfort. The ProSeat has 9 inches of hip containment, providing a stable and safe environment for the most hostile of driving conditions.


- Deep-sided race seat
- 5-point seatbelt slots
- Loops to secure belts in place
- Hiback or Loback (with or without headrest)
- Size: Hi - 35" tall x 22" wide x 28" deep
- Mount area: 15" front to back and 13" wide
- Sitting level height from floor: 5"
- Available in black or grey