Lucas Oil Synthetic SAE 140 Racing Gear Oil 140 W 32 oz. Bottle

Racegear WA

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Lucas Oil's Synthetic SAE 140 Gear Lubricant is designed for high horsepower, high torque conditions. Made from the highest quality heavy synthetic base oils, Lucas Racing Gear Oils contain a proprietary package of additives and extreme pressure lubricants specially engineered for shear stability and the demands of severe racing conditions. This synthetic formulation provides a barrier cushion between metal surfaces. It absorbs impact by creating a barrier coating on gear surfaces for the critical line of protection against wear, pitting and scoring. This oil is long lasting and perfect for any heavy duty application.

Synthetic SAE 140 Racing gear oil is designed for the Top Fuel and the off-road industry. Ideal applications: Pro 2, Pro 4, ProLite, Class 7/6, 7200

Key Benefits

    ´ Reduced oil temps in rear differentials
    ´ Excellent thermal and shear stability
    ´ Extends component life