Kartek Off-Road Lightened And Polished Porsche 930 CV Joint For 28 Spline Axles With 300m Cage

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$873.26 $916.93

We take an original Lobro GKN German made CV joint and fully machine it. Polishing race preps the CV joint by de-burring the parts and loosening up the joint allowing it to easily move for the full travel of the suspension without binding. This process also reduces drag. 300m cages are stronger than stock and can handle higher axle angles and higher loads. CV joints that have been lightened have material remove from the housing to reduce rotational mass to create a lighter part that helps improve acceleration, braking and reducing unsprung weight.

Spline: 28
Diameter: 108mm
Diameter Of Bolt Holes: 10mm or 3/8"
Cage: Kartek 300m Material
Star: Polished Original Lobro GKN
Housing: Lightened and polished original Lobro GKN

Cross Reference Numbers:
930 332 034 00
BMW 301174
UPC 4019064111825

Original GKN Parts

If you're having issues getting the appropriate 1/4" to 3/8" axle free play at full droop, we can counterbore the CV star any depth up to 1/4". We charge per star. Orders must be in before 12:00 Noon PST for same day shipping. Cut CV joint stars are NOT REFUNDABLE!

counterbored CV joint stars

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