ITP Bajacross Series Tires 26 x 11 x R14

Racegear WA

$523.69 $549.87

ITP's race proven Bajacross series tires for UTVs.


-Proven to handle the toughest and heaviest UTV applications.
-Excellent on heavier ATVs too!
-8-ply rated RADIAL construction has produced our most rugged, durable tire yet!
-Extened-life rubber compound and innovative overlapping tread pattern provides a smooth, predictable ride as well as slow wear characteristics - this is the highest-mileage tire ITP has ever produced!
-Stepped lugs provide consistent tread edges as the tire wears, for predictable performance throughout the long life of the tire.
-Advanced radial carcass design delivers the most comfortable, trail-compliant tire available.
-Wrap around lugs provide improved shoulder protection.
-Super deep Rim Guard feature offers the best wheel lip protection in the business.