IMI VW Type I 9 Tooth Pinion High Output Hi-Torque Starter 1.4 kW

Racegear WA

$903.37 $948.54

IMI's Hi-Torque Starter IMI-101N. This unit is designed for a Volkswagen application using a Type I transmission bell housing with a 130 tooth flywheel and needing a 9 tooth pinion. This unit is the high output version of the IMI-101. This unit is specifically designed for engines using a conversion kit such as a Kennedy adapter or Mendeola transmissions.  This unit is similar to the IMI-104 but has a shorter pinion depth.  This unit is also similar to the IMI-105 but has a smaller diameter pinion gear for the 130 tooth flywheel.

Genuine Nippon Denso starter motor coupled to IMI's patented design.