CV & Axle Assembly End Caps 934/5 CV, 1-3/4" Tubing

Racegear WA

$602.24 $632.36

These billet aluminum end caps allow you to easily carry spare CV joints and axle assemblies in your buggy, chase truck, or trailer. With these you can have your spare CV's pre-assembled and greased for quick changes out in desert, pits, or camp. All caps are sealed with an O-Ring to keep dust and dirt out, and the grease in. CV/Axle assembly end caps allow for a complete axle assembly with CV's, boots, and axle. The CV/Axle caps can be mounted on your car's tube frame or you can use a cut to length tube to make it mobile. Tubes are not included with the caps. Any tube you use will need to be cut to fit your axle assembly's overall length. Both styles are available for 930 & 934 CV's.