AutoFab Body Panel Mounting Tab With Red Urethane Washer, Allen Bolt And Nyloc Nut

Racegear WA

$8.63 $9.06

These Autofab urethane stepped body panel washers are designed to be used with threaded bolt tab mounts like Autofab's body mounts to help secure a body panel in place. These washers have a 3/4" outside diameter step and are the same washers used in their body mount assemblies.

AutoFab's tab mount for body panels. Includes their bushing.

Tab Dimensions:
1-1/2 Inches Wide At Base
3 Inches Total Height
2-1/4 Inches From Bottom Edge To Center Of Hole
3/8 Hole In Tab

Urethane Washer Dimensions:
1-1/2 Inches Outside Diameter
Uses 5/16 Allen Bolt

Available in Black, Red, Blue, and White