5.3 Snap-In Seat Belt w/ Pads Black

Racegear WA

$523.69 $549.87

This PRP 5 point seat belt has sewn in pads for comfort, all black hardware for cool styling and quick adjusters on the shoulders. The belts are 3" wide. The quick adjusters fix a problem that has been an issue with off road seat belts for years. Once a belt gets some dirt and water in the webbing they become very difficult to adjust. With these new adjusters, the seat belt will always prove to be quick and easy to use.

The seat belt also has a removable sternum strap, and a red latch guard on the lap belt. The seat belt uses a lock and latch setup that is ideal for off road and racing applications. The lap belt are snap in and include eye bolt hardware. The shoulder harness and crotch strap can either be snapped in or wrap around a roll bar. This kit includes a seat belt for one seat.

This belt is SFI SPEC 16.1.

This belt is SFI SPEC 16.1.