16" Shrouded Racing Fan 15.75"Fan, 3400 CFM

Racegear WA

$1,656.21 $1,739.02

EFE's heavy duty turbine electric fans have a proven 20-year track record in BAJA racing. Their rugged design will solve most cooling problems since they provide the highest CFM's. The assemblies feature a permanent magnet brush type motor and are available sizes ranging from 4" to 30" in diameter. They are fully reversible (will push or pull air), allowing them to be installed in front of or behind the radiator. No other electric fans cover more applications, provide more air flow, come in larger diameters, or have a better mounting system. Other sizes and motor combinations are available for special order.


CFM - 3400
Fan Dia. - 15.75"
Depth - 5.25"