12331 - ORB-10 Shutoff Valve Fuel Filter 7.38_ long x 2_ diameter

Racegear WA


Cleaning and replacing you filter elements used to mean draining your gas tank. The new Aeromotive Shutoff Valve Fuel Filters allow you to shutoff fuel flow and replace your filter elements with little or no fuel loss. Both feature 100 micron stainless steel elements and are recommended for use between the fuel cell or sumped tank and the fuel pump inlet.


´ -ORB-10 ports
´ -100 micron stainless steel (coarse) cleanable element.
´ -Dimensions: 7.38î long x 2î diameter
´ -Proprietary stainless steel shutoff valve design.
´ -Type II bright dip black anodized assembly and red anodized billet aluminum shutoff valve handle.
´ -Perfect for pre-pump filtration.